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Liberty Uncensored
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PROJECT NAME: Liberty Uncensored
PROJECT WALLET: 0xCdF2630e05D8c5F33368610d940F92A888eb58CC


Liberty Uncensored is a free, community-driven, freedom-oriented newsprint. In a world where 6 corporations control most of the media, and the algorithms keep people from seeing anything they’re not already looking for, it seems ever more clear that means to get Truth to the un-initiated masses is ever more important. Liberty Uncensored is one of those means, a physical & digital newspaper, with the physical version being delivered door-to-door, for free, to a growing number of communities. Launched just months ago, LUNP is already distributing physical papers to thousands, with more than 30 brick & mortar locations. The digital (interactive pdf) version is free with each month’s new issue being sent in email blasts & social media posts from dozens of friends, partners, and creators in the community, on top of our own distribution. Getting this information out to as many people as possible is key.

There is a vast amount of information sources in this world, we want to be the one to funnel people to the best of those, not to mention providing the highest quality news and information we can, and we can do that by physical delivery of papers door to door, and at businesses, and churches and anywhere people frequent. We are sliding past the algorithms by bringing our fact-based, wellness and freedom-oriented content directly to the people in the most uncensorable and easily digestible form.

We want to be producing and distributing, minimally, 50,000 newspapers per month by our 12th Issue (Nov 2023). With this funding, we can scale up from 3000 papers to 20,000 papers monthly over the course of the next several months and launch from there into the realm of mass distribution.

If we can hit 50,000 papers per month distributed by the end of our first year, we will be looking at entering into the top 1% of newspapers in the United States.

Newspaper is the medium by which the people can be informed of and referred to the revolution. A free newspaper delivered directly into their hands is the only way to 100% circumvent the censorship by government today and reach the people.

TWITTER LINK: https://twitter.com/LibertyUNP

PROJECT EMAIL:info@libertyuncensorednp.com

TELEGRAM LINK: https://t.me/libertyuncensored

PROJECT WEBSITE: www.libertyuncensorednp.com



In exchange for funding, Liberty Uncensored is offering:
1. Full Page Ad (currently $2016 value) of BON for 3 months (3 Issues). Worth ($6048). As well as banner sponsorship ad on LUNP website for 3 months. ($600)
2. Lifetime Complementary Subscribership to all NFT holders on LUNP Substack. ($80 annual value/per)

3. BON Interviews on our Freedom Fighters Show.
4. Rep BON at all tables, events, gatherings, with BON merch, ads on videos, sponsor shoutouts on interviews, and other media


We will use 80% of the funds ($4800) as such:
1. Month 1: $1600 (3000 paper print and distro.)
2. Month 2: $1600 (3000 paper print and distro.)
3. Month 3: $1600 (3000 paper print and distro.)
We will use 20% of the funds ($1200) as such:

Divided over the months for administrative costs, such as website services/apps, Adobe suite, hardware, warehousing for paper delivery, paying for technical services, such as website refinement, for social media and other internet services and for any necessary hardware.

This proposal will cover about half of the total cost of operation for this timeframe.

[[ -- COST: 21 MATIC (~$20) / NFT -- ]]


- Is the correct wallet address connected?
- Do you have at least 30 MATIC in that wallet?
- Are you connected to the Polygon network?
- Are you already at the 5 max wallet limit?