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First Official BON NFT Collection

Welcome to Bank of Nowhere! This mint is the first official mint and contains graphics created by MERP.
All OFFICIAL Bank of Nowhere NFTs can be used to access the BON staking pool.
These rewards will be released every quarter and all stakers will be able to withdraw thier reward via the dApp.

NOTE: Rewards will be held in $MATIC and then converted to $BON prior to rewards release.

Mint Fund Allocation

- 40% to locked liquidity
- 30% to DAO treasury
- 20% to staking pool
- 10% to dev team

Cost: 45 matic


- Is the correct wallet address connected?
- Do you have at least 30 MATIC in that wallet?
- Are you connected to the Polygon network?
- Are you already at the 5 max wallet limit?