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Why was crowdfunding created?

Decentralized crowdfunding is a way to make the world a better place for everyone. Think of small entrepreneurs, developers, artists, activists and other people who sometimes need a little push to start their project or business. Often these people give up because they find high interest rates in traditional banks and end up giving up on their dreams. However, with Bank of Nowhere’s crowdfunding dApp, we can support these people who can sometimes change the course of history!

How does it work and what are the fees?

The project looking to be financed does not need to pay Bank of Nowhere anything – no registration fee. All they need to do is apply and if the BON community accepts their submission, the crowdfunding begins. If the project is successful in their fundraising goals, then the building begins. If they don't meet their targets, then the funds are sent back to the community. It's a win-win for everyone!


  1. Fill in the registration form linked below
  2. The BON team will then check project viability; if successful the team will reach out via email to explain the next steps
  3. When the project is ready, the BONDAO community will vote on the potential proposal; all voting will be done onchain
  4. If the community accepts, the projects crowdfunding NFT mint will go live on the BON website
  5. If targets are met within the timeframe, the funds (held in $MATIC) will be released to the project and work begins!
  6. During the construction phases, the project should keep the BON community updated and all agreements should be met


  • Speak and propagate decentralization
  • Generate benefits for BON holders
  • Accept to transactions in $BON, $CULT, $RVLT, and $TRG
  • No projects with an anti-democratic, racist, homophobic, sexist, or nature that may psychologically hurt another human being.
  • Projects in defense of diversity, environment, animals, and/or helping people at risk are welcome.